Female-Fronted Metal Bundle powered by Groupees

Let’s talk about Groupees.
Groupees is a service offering themed bundles for very low prices. Customers have the option to donate a part of the payment to charity. That is basically it.

Recently Groupees reached out to us and invited us to contribute in their current Female Fronted Metal Bundle. For as low as 3$ you can get both The Divine Menace as well as Cult of Ashes plus releases from other bands like Imperial Age, Feelament, The Sign of Ampersand, Kroh, RavenLigh, Metalwings, Holocynic and Selene. The more people join, the more bonus items will be unlocked. The cherry on top: The highest ranking customers will also receive physical merchandise! Isn’t this grand?

So in this short post, we just wanted to let you know that the bundle is still up for two days. If you’re a metal enthusiast, you really should check out Groupees’ bundle. It’s now or never again!