"Something good finally came out of the bards college in solitude."

That is just one of the many reactions gamers and metalheads alike shared regarding our first EP titled Hircine’s Call.
Even though the general idea of Daedric Tales already emerged in 2009, the band itself debuted with a first release and show three years later. Its incredible reception lead to various shows on festivals such as Metaldays (Slovenia) and Donauinselfest (Austria). Soon the demand for further releases became evident and the single Sleepers Awake followed. Thanks to the friendly support of a crowdfunding fanbase Daedric Tales were able to realise their latest two-piece-saga. Weaving their epic tales throughout the 2016 EP Cult of Ashes and the full-length album The Divine Menace in 2017, the band was able to take on their first ever tour through Austria and the Czech Republic.
The year 2018 brought along challenges and changes for Daedric Tales, which are sure to be told in their future tales. Inevitably, the next adventures await…


2017         THE DIVINE MENACE


2016          CULT OF ASHES


2016          SLEEPERS AWAKE


2013          HIRCINE’S CALL